The Restaurant

Hotel Rothmans Restaurant and Garden

Hotel restaurant Rothmans Bansko combines the modern vision of luxury restaurant with domestic patterns giving the place a unique atmosphere of coziness and comfort. At breakfast, lunch or dinner, thanks to the professional service and attitude of the staff, having your meal with us will not be just an obligation but a pleasure.

Here you can try many of the local delicacies such as Kapama, chumlek, banski starets and banski sudjuk. We offer not only local food but many modern dishes so that we can satisfy the diverse requirements of our customers.

In the cool Bansko evenings along with the old fireplace in the company of family and friends, you can enjoy specially selected wines and beverages. The barbecue in our beautiful garden is a comfortable place where you can prepare your fresh appetizers.

Hotel Rothmans Bansko is an excellent place for your vacation.

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