About Bansko

Bansko has preserved, and to this day the spirit of the revival has become one of the largest European ski resorts in recent years. Bansko still retains its centuries-old history – cobbled streets, stone houses with high gates and extended eaves of black stone, thick stone walls.

Bansko inspires with its authenticity in architecture, customs and life preserved over the centuries.

Banskali are proud and famous in Bulgaria and the world. Bansko has not only been but will also be a cultural and spiritual centre. Walking through the tranquil streets of Bansko, one can sense the grandeur of the Pirin that spans the whole city. Every once visited Bansko returns again and again to the Pirin Mountain.

Bansko is not only a winter resort, Bansko has its beauty every season of the year.

The numerous small and lively Bansko taverns offer a variety of Bansko specialities, Bulgarian and foreign cuisine for every taste. Guests of the resort town can visit the Church of the Holy Trinity, which together with the museum of Nikola Vaptsarov contribute to the well-known cultural and historical appearance of Bansko.

During the summer, several events are held to promote the resort, some of which have a longstanding history – the Jazz Festival, the Kennel Show, Theater Week, Craft Week and many more.

If your stay in Bansko is more extended, you can visit the oldest church in the area located in the village of Dobarsko, the mountain town of Kovachevitsa, the mineral springs in Ognyanovo or enjoy the beautiful nature of the Pirin Mountain.

Traditional family hotels, luxury hotels in Bansko, discos and restaurants make everyone’s stay in Bansko an incredible experience.

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