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Bansko Ski Resort

Bansko is a picturesque mountain town situated at the foot of the Pirin mountains at an altitude of 925 m. It is famous for its distinctive architecture, original storey stone houses, iconography, schools and numerous hotels in Bansko and pubs. It appeared in X-XI century as a result of grouping Bansko neighborhoods on the foundations of an ancient Thracian settlement.

In the middle of XVIII century it has became a big and rich settlement with developed crafts, trade and art. At that time the Bansko School of Art formed, which spread the fame of the local people in the Balkans and Central Europe. In many other Bulgarian cities there are also monuments of the work of the masters from Bansko.

The town is about 160 km south of Sofia and 60 km from Blagoevgrad.

The Bansko ski resort has ski runs for all categories from beginners to professionals.

To serve them are a network of ski lifts and tows, slopes are safe and well maintained and the ski schools are good. Especially enjoyable are the many evenings in the taverns offering the typical Bansko old sausage and Kavarma dinners.

Bansko has 56 km of ski trails and the ski season is guaranteed from December until May 30th due to snow cannons of the TechnoAlpin. The Ski Center offers 16 km of ski track, equipped with artificial snow machines and lighting, connecting the high parts of the resort with the city and also perates more cabin lifts including for 8 people, five 4-seat lifts, 3-seat lift and six ski lifts with ten children skiing.